15 June 2014

Nursery Pictures!

It's done! Well, like all projects in our home, it's *almost* done. But it's done enough to share pictures! I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum. Most of the pictures speak for themselves anyway.

Let's start with the most obvious nursery thing: the crib. My parents got us the crib and mattress.

The cute fox blanket is from Isaac's parents. It's so soft!

The cute pillow came from my bestie, Beth (who blogs almost as infrequently as I do these days). Isn't it adorable?

The fox portrait was done by Isaac's dad. I made the tree prints.

It doesn't look like it, but the bamboo blinds block a lot of light, and the curtains are blackout, so we can block out almost all the light in the room if we want. Here you can also see the crown molding. Isaac and my dad originally put it up, and given that it was their first try at the super, super difficult project, I thought it looked good. Isaac was really hard on himself, though, and instead of patching it ourselves, we brought in a contractor to fix it.

I also didn't manage to get a complete picture of the rocker and I am way too pregnant to walk upstairs just to get one, but you can see bits and pieces of it in several of these pictures. It comes from my grandmother's house.

The dresser/changing table here came from Isaac's grandmother's house and was actually his great-grandparents'.

I surprised Isaac with this Calvin & Hobbes print. It's his favorite comic and he has really dear memories of reading them with his father.

Isaac worked so hard on this closet; originally, it had two full-sized double doors that really limited furniture placement in the fairly small room, so we opted for curtains instead. Originally inside was a series of shelves and rods that didn't really have a logical placement that we could see. So Isaac ripped all of it out, patched the crazy one-inch anchor holes (?!!) and painted the interior navy blue to match the curtains on the other side of the room. He then stained and put up a shelf and hanging rod that runs the length of the closet. The dresser is from IKEA, and Isaac also stained and put it together. He also hung the branch curtain tie backs. I put the orange pom-pom trim on the curtains.

To the left of the closet, there's a cute woodland print from my parents, and a print of foxes dressed as the Marx Brothers (another Isaac favorite) from Isaac's sister. All the artwork in here, like almost all of the artwork in our house, is really meaningful.

A close-up of the top of the dresser in the closet. The fox hamper in the middle was a gift from Meagan and Preston -- isn't he so cute? The baskets are from Target and I painted his name on the little chalkboards.

Oh, I haven't mentioned we decided on a name? :) Our son's name will be Silas Christopher.

When picking out a dresser, I said that I really wanted to have one that was high enough off the ground to store shoes, since the room is quite small and doesn't really offer another good shoe-storage solution. I was trying to think long-term for how Silas would use the dresser when he was big enough to need shoes. Like, you know, a year or more down the road. However, Isaac insists that even newborn shoes count, so his one pair of shoes will be stored here. Silly.

And that's it! This is definitely the quickest we've ever gotten a room together. Funny how that happens when there is a very strict time table. There's still a few things to check off the pre-baby to-do list. For example, in here, we've talked about adding two tall bookcases on either side of the crib for extra storage. And I'm working on a little throw blanket quilt. But none of the list is vital, which is really nice. So now we just wait!


  1. Everything looks super! You all have things ready to go. We can't wait for young Silas to make his presents known. We love All of You. M&D Burns.

    1. You know it is hard when your entire family is very good at the English language and you are not. It was brought to my attention I made an error in my post. My wife let me know I used the wrong word in my excitement concerning our first grandchild. So to correct my mistake, " We can't wait for young Silas to make his 'presence' known." Thanks, Hon, for keeping me on my toes, but I still think he will be one of the best 'presents' ever.
      Love to All, Granddad Burns

  2. You both are so talented at decorating. God Bless You with a smooth and uneventful delivery.



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