15 February 2014

Nursery - Take 2

Well, folks, it's a boy!

We found out a couple weeks ago and we couldn't be more excited (who are we kidding, we would have been excited either way).

Anyway, we finally got down to planning the nursery for real. And here's where I get to eat my words: I've been saying since the beginning that I didn't want a nursery "theme." I think a lot of times, themes don't grow well with children (so Winnie the Pooh might be cute until the child is three or so, but what happens when he starts loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Then you have to redo everything!).

So I swore I wouldn't do it. And then we decided on the major colors in the room: blue and orange. So I started searching for some artwork in those colors (I figured it was a good place as any to start), and what did I find?

(click for source)

(click for source)
The first print is from Etsy shop SusanWindsor, and the second is actually free artwork from Vintage Printables, which isn't the easiest site to navigate but has a lot of fantastic free art.

Anyway. Orange! and blue! And ... foxes! Both Isaac and I like foxes -- we often call Milano our little arctic fox (we think she looks like one).

So a theme was born. I'm keeping it to a minimum and making sure not to incorporate it in any permanent way (i.e., artwork is easily switched out, but I don't want to paint a fox onto the dresser), but there are, and I counted, five different foxes in the mood board below. Whoops.

So here's our final mood board.

We already have a lot of the pieces; I covered the main furniture in my last post, I found the pillow on clearance in Target a while back, and the curtains were already up on the closet. And we went to IKEA today, so now we have the window curtains, the dresser for the closet (it will sit inside), the hamper, the window and dresser hardware, the tiny art prints and the throw. I ordered the branch tie-backs too, but they are currently back ordered.

So we're ... halfway there? Something like that. We really like how it's coming together, though, and while it's always fun to put together mood boards, I can't wait to share actual pictures with you!

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