04 February 2014


Ok, so I haven't made an official blog announcement ... but that seems fitting, since I've been such a terrible blogger lately.

So here it is: I'm pregnant! I'm due on June 26. We're ecstatic.

Of course, even though we don't know what the baby is yet, I'm already planning the nursery. It's honestly probably not a bad idea, since we tend to be a bit slow around here to get things done. Planning early will hopefully help ensure the room will be complete in time.

I have created three mood boards. One that's pretty neutral, one that leans a bit more towards 'boy' and one that leans a bit more towards 'girl.' I'm not set on any of them, though, so who knows where we'll end up!

A quick note about the furniture: we're going simple. The dresser on the boards came from Isaac's grandparents' house, the white rocker is a stand-in for a white (faux) leather chair coming from my grandparents' house, and the crib is a new one we have picked out. The room is pretty small, so that's all the furniture we have planned for the space.

Oh, and the white curtains are on the closet doors (I'm going to add pom pom trim to them), the windows already have the bamboo blinds, and we really like the Moravian star light, so that will likely go in the room regardless. And the walls are already yellow. A bit brighter shade than I would have liked, I think, but it's not getting repainted at this point.

Finally, the boy's room was the first one I put together, so it's missing the carpet color (the brown at the bottom of the other two) and the dresser. I hadn't thought to include them yet.

Enough talk. Here are the rooms!



We could easily change our minds and end up somewhere completely different. But it was fun to put these together anyway!

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  1. These inspiration boards are adorable! Congratulations to you, enjoy every minute!
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