02 July 2013

Whole(ish) House Updates

Our biggest update is this: SMOOTH CEILINGS!! I don't think we can explain how amazing it is. Our ceilings were popcorn, and they were original to the house and had not been painted. Thus, they would fall off at the slightest brush ... and had taken on a dusty, grimy, gray-ish color - not the bright white that we wanted.

So we hired someone to remove them and paint. This was the first time that we had hired anyone to do cosmetic work on the house, but this project felt bigger than we were prepared to handle. We also lumped in some electrical work ... and then tacked on some plumbing when we discovered some problems.  Such is the life of a homeowner, so I'm told.

Here's the thing, though: it's kind of boring to just show a picture of ceilings. And I have never really done a whole house update, so I figured now is as good a time as any. The only rooms I have not included are the office (we have a window seat, but no bookshelf or desk yet) and the master bed and bath (they look pretty much the same as Day 1, unfortunately). So you can see the ceiling in a lot of the pictures I've posted below ... but you can see a lot more, too.

Let's start in the front of the house.



Isn't that mirror beautiful? It's from Isaac's grandparent's house, and we framed it out once it was hung on the wall. It really makes the room feel *so* much bigger.

Still to do in the dining room: nothing? I still haven't found a buffet configuration that I love, and down the road, I may want to paint or refinish the buffet (it's a bit scratched up and now has some water damage on top), but for now, this is one of the most complete rooms in the house. Woot!

Next up: kitchen. Before:


And the breakfast nook (I couldn't find the before):


Still to do in the kitchen: for now, nothing. But in the long term, we'd like to replace the cabinets and counters, and move the fridge and pantry to the laundry closet (which will move upstairs to our bedroom). Doing that would double the counter space in the kitchen, which is currently quite lacking.

Living room before:

And after:

That picture on the end of the bottom rail should be overlapping the one next to it ... I fixed it, but this picture is going to bother me forever.

Still to do in here: Maybe replace the floor lamp that was by the couch next to the stairs (it just broke this week). We also have some extra tables out right now, which I'm not sure I love, but we have some folks staying with us for a while, so extra space for drinks/plates/stuff is necessary.

Guest bedroom (formerly the office) before:


And a shot of the ceiling and new vents:

Aren't the ceilings pretty? I could stare at them all day, which is really kind of lame. And we Isaac replaced all the vents in the upstairs - the old ones were yellowing and just not as pretty against the new ceiling.

Still to do in this room: Art! We have two paintings picked out for the wall with the closet, and a photograph we are going to blow up really big for behind the bed. We also need to get a new bed and light, and the nightstands either need to be redone ... or, more likely, just replaced. I also want to paint the TV stand. So this room is probably 50% done.

Now, the second guest room/currently occupied bedroom - before:


As I mentioned before, we have some friends staying with us for a while, so this is currently their bedroom. We took the closet doors off and replaced them with curtains, because the doors that were there were full-sized doors, they opened up far into the room and really limited the furniture placement. 

Still to do in here: Nothing, for now.

Hall bath before:

And after:

Still to do in here: Our contractor is working in this bathroom and the half bath downstairs today, and will be patching the drywall around the light. You can kind of see above that the area around the light isn't painted. I also need to touch up the paint around the towel bar, as you see above. 

Now, I couple after shots that don't have befores.

This was the painting we had done - up the stairs and in the alcove. It's now the same color as the downstairs. It is SO nice to have this done.

Finally, outside - more specifically, the back porch. Before:


I kind of can't believe that our deck used to be that big. We really love having a bigger yard, and the deck we have now is more than big enough for the furniture we have now. The table was a gift from Isaac's parents, and we added the chairs and umbrella. It was a godsend when we were having the ceilings done - the crew basically tackled the whole house at once, so I spent all my time working at this table ... and shaded by the umbrella (which was key for those 90+ degree days!).

And I think that's it! That was fun - and I can't wait to get a few more rooms done (the half bath is next, and is almost done, actually) to share!

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  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! Those are some beautiful changes you two and crew have made. The dining room looks like it came out of a magazine. The ceiling, what a change! The bedrooms, and the bath upstairs .... WOW! Outdoors looks wonderful just like the inside. Five Stars on all the remodel. WOW!
    You guys have work very hard and it shows.
    Love, Mom and Dad Burns


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