28 May 2013

Our To-do List

Like I said in my last post, we're sprinting here in Raleigh. In the past seven days, we have

  1. Painted two bedrooms (a total of EIGHT coats - five in one room [the dark blue paint proved to be harder to cover than we anticipated] and three in another)
  2. Made four trips to Home Depot, one to Lowe's, two to Target
  3. Completely cleaned all three closets upstairs (including clearing the large closet in the formerly-blue-now-yellow room)
  4. Removed the bed and all other furniture in the yellow room, and removed the closet doors, which we'll replace with curtains (they were full-sized doors and limited furniture placement) (we're going to have some long-term house guests starting in July, so we needed to clear a room)
  5. Removed the stone path from our deck to garage door and re-placed the stones in front of the woodshed
  6. Standard weekly cleaning and lawn care
Despite how busy we've been, this is only a small part of what we need to do. Behold our to-do list.

And I just put this together, so I'm sure I'm missing things. The asterisks indicate work to be done by a contractor. We already have one lined up; they are actually going to start a week from Thursday. Woo! No more textured ceilings - and we'll finally have the stairs and alcove painted!

Oh, and because I don't want to not have ANY pictures, here's a shot of the not-staged-not-one-little-bit guest room.

There's still a ton to do in this room (see the spreadsheet above), and the light on the bed is for the hall bath, but it feels *so good* to at least get it painted. Woo!

Ok, time to go paint some electrical conduit to fashion them into curtain rods. It never ends!

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