13 April 2013

Living Room Chair

Wow, it's really been four months?

Actually, I can believe it. It's been a busy, busy, BUSY four months, both for me and Isaac. Despite our hectic schedules, we have managed to get a few things done around here: an almost-done window seat, a new (well, heirloom) mirror that we framed out in our dining room, a stained breakfast nook table with new bar stools ... and likely a few other things that I'm forgetting right now.

But we did purchase one thing this week that we're really excited about: a new living room chair! No, it's not DIY, but given how long we've been looking (I posted that we were looking for one here, which was six months ago, and we had started looking probably six months before that), this is news worthy.

And given the radio silence recently, I at least wanted to pop in and post a few pictures.  The chair is Marbles's new favorite place in the house - and he was being quiet and non-destructive for once, so I didn't disturb him. Also, I think the pillow needs to be switched out for a fun lumbar pillow (maybe the same color as the new candle holder on the mantel?).

Other things to note in the pictures: the cards on the mantle are for Isaac's THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY. He's old. Also, the new tree planter. As much as we loved using the old urn for the tree, it actually wasn't waterproof; it was leaking and warping our floor.

Ok, back to grading. I can't promise to be back before the semester lets out - but that's only a few weeks away!!!


  1. Mom and I love the chair and the other new additions in the room. Glad Mr. Marbles has claimed the chair for his own. Now he has a nice base he can work from.
    Hope all is well and you guys got to enjoy a little down time this weekend. Keep up the good work.
    All the Best from the Valley.
    Love, Mom and Dad Burns

  2. That chair is just perfect. :)


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