14 October 2012

Whomp Whomp

While we are still riding high on our mantel success, today was a day of fails.  First, we thought we had found a great deal on curtains at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We had seven panels at 50% off in our cart ... only to find out they did not, in fact, match the ones already hanging in our dining room like we thought they were.  Drat.  Isaac stomped around the store for a good while after that.

Then.  We came home, and Isaac decided to work on some of our doors.  We want to replace all our interior, hollow-core doors with solid-wood versions, and instead of paying $100 a pop (for a total of 15 doors - yikes!) at Lowe's, we looked at the ReStore, where they sell used doors for $5 each.  Score.  We bought three for the downstairs a couple weeks ago ... only to discover today that they were not quite the steal they thought they were.

It seems someone at the ReStore can't measure properly; all three doors were too short.  Though these were marked with the right height, clearly they were off ... by about an inch and a half.

We aren't giving up on the ReStore doors ($5 a door is so worth it, even if they do need work!), but from now on, we're going to measure them for ourselves.

So it's been kind of a downer day.  But, as Isaac always reminds me, it's ok to make mistakes; and if we want to stick to DIYing, I have a feeling that we're going to have to get used to them!


  1. This may work. Purchase a 2x2 and cut it to fit the door size. It should be close to the size you need. If a 2x2 is not wide as the door, then measure the width of the door and we can rip a couple of 2x4's the size you need when you come up. Come to think of it Lowes may be able to do that for you. Then attach the piece to the bottom of the door with screws and glue. Make sure you drill pilot holes first. A little wood putty or caulking some new paint and you will have a beautiful solid wood door. Hope this helps out. Never let a good deal go to waste.

  2. Boo for DIY fails. That's all I have to say about that!


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