01 September 2012

Let's Go Mountaineers!

College football is back!  My husband is a happy, happy man.  I also enjoy it, of course, but really only when WVU or State play.

Despite the lack of posts, there are things going on here at the Burnses.  We are thiiiis close to putting up our new (well, old) mantle, Isaac has been doing to some constructing, I'm finally redoing the barstools, I (re)learned to knit (?!?), Isaac finished taking out the root balls from the bushes out front, I went to West Elm and spent two birthday giftcards (from my in-laws and friends Meg and Will) ... we've been busy.

But everything is mid-project, so I don't have any fun pictures for you.  Well, except for this one.

It's a baby mantis!  Isn't he cute?  He was on my car when we went out this morning, and we couldn't resist stopping to get some pictures.

I will be back soon (maybe even later this weekend!) with some actual project posts.  Until then ... let's gooooo!

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