09 September 2012

Getting our build on - a woodshed!

Taking out our bushes was a great decision.  It opened up the front and made it much cleaner.  But it gave away our dirty little secret.  See that stack of wood there on the right?  The stack of wood in a home-made cinder-block structure?  Yeah.  It screamed "we're from West Virginia!!" ... which we are, but we'd rather our porch not announce it.  The plethora of WVU paraphernalia on our vehicles should take care of that for us.  So we decided to build a woodshed.

Well ... we decided that Isaac should build a woodshed.

And build he did.  Check this out!

It's even shingled!

It has already withstood a crazy thunderstorm (like, during the storm there was standing water against one side of the house and there was a river through our backyard) and it held up fine!  Isn't it great?  My hubs is so handy to have around.  Eventually, I'll paint it so that it blends in to the side of the house a little better, but for now, we're just enjoying the firewood-free porch and the awesome little shed.

Thanks, honey!

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  1. WOW!! Not to bad son. A coat or two of paint will make it look real good. This will keep your wood dry now. I think you could put a brace on the front if you think you need it.
    Love Ya, DAD


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