15 July 2012

Where I Come From: Part 3, details

I forgot how busy July was going to be!  I am only teaching one class with eight students, but we meet five days a week for two hours; that's a lot of time in one class!  In any case, I'm finally getting around to my final installment of Where I Come From.  These are some detail shots.  Most are self explanatory, so I'll try to let the pictures speak for themselves.

A dog tie on the corner of the barn.

Cattle run.

Yes, it still works.

This is one of my favorites - not really for the content, but because I feel it is the most technically decent.

This lock is on a small cabinet right inside the main door of the barn.  I remember as a child thinking it was the coolest looking thing.

My grandfather's vice grip.  I saw him use this countless times.

When my dad saw this shot, he asked, "why did you take a picture of trash?"  For a few reasons.  One, I liked the composition of it; two large framing pieces in contrasting tones, with visual interest in the middle.  I also like that it symbolizes a farm that is old but still in use; the cast iron skillet is obviously quite old, but the white thing to the right of it is plastic and obviously newer.  Or maybe I took a picture of trash because I'm strange.  I don't know.

You can look up what this does if you want.  I have no idea how old it is; the  very bottom of the label says "New Design Package Adopted 1940," so it is from sometime after that.  And yes, the contents appear to be original.
And there you have it.  As I've said throughout these posts, my camera skills are not nearly where I want them to be.  I would love to go back after I've sharpened up and get some better shots.  We'll see.  For now, though, I definitely love having a piece of the Wise homestead down here with me.

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