11 May 2012

My Summer To-Do List(s)

Well, folks, I'm done for the semester.  As much as I'm looking forward to a break, I'm also looking forward to having some extra time to get. stuff. done.  I've already started making to-do lists ... I have one for work (I think I'm going to have all new assignments in both the class I'm teaching this summer and my class this fall; that's a lot of work!); I have one for personal stuff (learning more about my DSLR, starting a regular exercise routine, read a lot of books, etc.); I have one for the house.  Since our house is mainly the focus of this blog, I thought I would share the house to-do list here.

Here goes, divided by space.


The first things I want to paint are the banister of our stairs and our coffee table (again).  The banister, as you see, is a light brown color, and the coffee table is more of a cream (which is what I thought I wanted at the time, but now realize that bright white would look much better).  I'm also thinking of tackling the trim downstairs, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.  I'd like everything to be bright white.

Ignore the strange reflections going on on the wall, please.

I also want to try my hand at reupholstering.  See, I found these two chairs on craigslist

... for FREE.  Isaac isn't a big fan.  While they are really sturdy (which is a MUST for him), he claims they look like waiting-room chairs.  I see where he's coming from, but I think some new fabric, a punchy lumbar pillow and a throw across an arm will wipe away all trace of waiting-room-ness.  We'd only use one regularly in the living room, by the way; the other we'd have somewhere else in the house, but pull it into the living room when needed.

I found this tutorial series on YouTube, and while I'm sure it's not that easy, it's worth a shot.  If it doesn't work, all I'll be out is some new fabric and some staples (did I mention the chairs were FREE??).  Now, I just get to decide what color I want for the chairs.  Ideas?

Master Bedroom

I want to paint our bedroom (why does everything begin with paint?) and finally start getting it together.  We haven't touched it since we moved in except to hang a television on the wall and add two craigslist nightstands (which also need redone).  Paint-wise, I am thinking of something two-toned, like this:
Click for pin, click pin for source.
But I found two similar colors that I thought I liked, and got some samples ...

... and hated them.  Well, hated the bottom one (though you can't really tell from this picture, the top one is a lovely buttery yellow color and it may reappear down the road in a guest room, but that's not on my summer list).  It's way too close to the color of the brown carpet (which is, unfortunately, there to stay for a while).  So I was back to the drawing board.  I was looking through all my pins for inspiration, and I noticed a trend.

Blue! Blue and gold, if you go by the first two pictures.  I do like the tonal blue-on-blue in the third picture ... and Isaac and I are planning on DIY-ing an extra-tall tufted headboard much like that one at some point.  Also not on my summer list ... probably.  Anyway, now I'm thinking something blue, and maybe still the two-tone thing.  We'll see.

Also in the bedroom, I want to re-do our nightstands (no picture, sorry, but they're not very pretty.  Sturdy, but not pretty. They were another craigslist find ... and $25 for the pair, I think).  No plan on that one yet.  I'll let you know when there is.

I'd also like to add a reading area, and eventually, both of our dressers will go (when we redo the master closet) and be replaced by a vanity and a stand for the TV stuff.  Again, not sure that will happen this summer, but we'll see.


What I haven't shown you is the before-and-after of our front yard.  Ready?


A refreshing change, no?  The bushes are cut down, though not gone (more on that later), and there is some serious grass growing in our former jungle.  (The white stakes mark off where the grass is growing; as soon as it is mow-able, we'll take them out.)

Other than some massive grass-seed planting, I really just want to get the front in order.  That means taking out these

Yeah, the bushes may look like they are gone in the picture above, but there are still roots.  Lots and lots of roots.  Like eight of them.  Ugh.  But that, and planting grass, and cleaning up the front porch is all we need to do in the front.

By clean up, I literally mean clean (everything is so dirty!), as well as making it look better.  Do you see how the railing is off center?  We discovered that when we cut down the bushes. I think we're going to put a large flower pot off to the left so it looks more even. We want to use some of the wood from our porch demo to build a small firewood platform off to the side of the house, so all that wood will be moved.  The furniture is a bit mismatched (the wicker from my parents; my dad was kind enough to paint it for us, and the rockers we stole took okay-we-stole-them-but-the-new-owners-of-the-place-didn't-know-they-weren't-ours from our last rental), so we may be looking for a matching set at the end of the summer (you know, when outdoor things are on sale). I'd also like to paint the front door, but Isaac says I can't until we replace it.  Boo.  But wouldn't something like this color be pretty?

And ... I think that's it.  All the big stuff, anyway.  I'd like to get more than this done (my sister-in-law would have this whole list done it a week - seriously, she's a machine!  Oh, and Sarah, this is your cue to update your blog with some of your projects!), but if I make my list too long, I'll just be overwhelmed.  So we'll start here ... and see where it goes!


  1. Lol.. Crap now I have pressure to blog... Is blog pressure a real thing?

    1. There definitely is ... and it worked! You posted tonight. I'll just have to keep it up. :)


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