04 May 2012

Flowers & living room art (a very descriptive title if there ever was one)

My wonderful hubs brought these beautiful flowers home for me yesterday.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I decided to break up the bouquet into three smaller vases.  One of a variety is on my sofa table, one single rose by the window and some daisies on the bar.

Unedited picture, but this is what I was dealing with the whole time I was taking pictures yesterday.  I think they are just really excited that Hobo came home, after a month of being missing. 
The flowers are a great addition to our living room ... and speaking of additions, we've made a few more.  (That was a horrible transition; please don't tell my students.)  Remember the added project that I took on a few weekends ago?  Well, it's done!  Ready?

These are only semi-styled rooms; note the mess on the stairs that I thought I got out of the way.

Oh?  Can't see a difference?  Here, let me help you.



Again, bad styling: ignore the batting falling out from under the couch.  Please. 
Now, try to tell me that doesn't look one thousand times better.  Go ahead, try.

I moved the bottom shelf down about six inches.  I should have put it there in the first place, but I was worried some of our taller guests would hit their heads on it when they sat down on the couch.  Luckily, the couch is deep enough, and after running it by my father-in-law (who is quite tall) and getting the thumbs up, I moved it.

(Another small change you can see in the picture above: I changed the pillar candle out for a pure white one, and switched the rice [which looked dirty in contrast to the white candle] out with some river rock.  I like it much better now.)

I now can fit a lot more - and a lot larger - pieces on the bottom shelf.  Here's a run down of what's up there, starting from the top left and working in a circle: Morgantown print from Sarah and Andrew (my sister- and brother-in-law); a detour sign on Ocracoke Island (one of my favorite pictures ever); a baby donkey from our neighboring farm in Morgantown; a wedding pic of me and Isaac; a wedding pic of the wedding party; a bobcat print done by my super-talented father-in-law; a flower picture from our honeymoon; a WV print also from Sarah and Andrew; a painting was done by Isaac's also-super-talented grandfather; one last wedding picture.  Whew.  All meaningful in one way or another; just the way Isaac and I like our art.

I'm thinking of moving all the prints/painting to the currently empty wall in the room (the the right of the stairs) and doing just photographs on the shelves.  I think that might look a little more cohesive.  For now, though, I'm loving the extra space, and enjoying all the artwork.

That's not the only change in the living room, though.

We did it!  We finally found a frame; actually, we found it with a picture already in it at Home Goods, and simply removed the picture and put in our own; again, the picture is one of a school of baby sting rays that Isaac and I took on our honeymoon.

Yes, I was watching a made-for-TV sci-fi movie.  They're my weakness.
This summer, I'm going to look at the mantles from the Wise/Beall farmhouse (removed years ago and stored in the barn).  I hope one of them will fit in this space; it would mean a lot to me to have a piece of the farmhouse down here.  I also want a plant stand for beside the television (to the right, in between the TV and the fireplace).

Speaking of the TV, we catty-cornered it, as you can kind of see here.  Hopefully soon, we'll have a chair on the other side (where the prints/painting might go) to add some seating to our small-ish room.

Slowly but surely, this room is coming together.  Oh, and did I mention we are picking out paint colors for our bedroom and that we took out the bushes in the front of the house?  Yeah, we're busy.  But loving it!

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  1. Oooh, I really LOVE the shelf moved down and the new art. I was going to suggest moving the print above the fireplace down a bit, but if you get a mantle it just might be perfect. I am crossing my fingers that you get one from the farmhouse -- that would be so amazing.

    I wasn't sure there was someone busier than me right now, but I think you win. :) Great job, friend!


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