13 April 2012

Adding some color!

Isaac's parents came to visit over the Easter holiday weekend! Unlike their last trip, when we made them paint our entire downstairs (we helped too!), this time we had no huge project for them.  Instead, we had a lot of little projects.  Among other things, Isaac's dad Garry helped Isaac split the rest of the tree that Isaac, my dad and brother felled after Thanksgiving, and they also put up a new garage door opener that I'm not going to blog about because, let's face it, pictures of garage door openers just aren't pretty enough.

The smaller projects left time for some shopping, though, and while Isaac and Garry were putting up the door opener, Judy (Isaac's mom) helped me integrate one of my new purchases:

Isn't she pretty?
We really needed some more light in the living room, and this lamp is perfect for the space.  Funnily enough, I originally wanted a clear-based lamp (something like this one) with a plain shade, as I felt that would be less visually imposing and cut down on the room-separation factor.  But the lamp base and the shade (both found at Target) were the perfect colors for the room, and after a lot of deliberation (and help from Master Decorators Judy and Garry), they came home with me.  I'm so glad!  I think it works perfectly in the space.  What do you think?

We went through a dozen or more configurations, using accessories pulled from all over the house, before we settled on this one.  The hurricane needs another bag of rice, and I think I want to try a white pillar candle, rather than the gold one.  I think.  Other than that, I have loved this variation of the sofa table decor better than anything I've done previously (my mom made fun of me a while back; she said that she has seen several pictures that included the table, and they always had something different on them.  I just couldn't get it right!).

Another one of Garry's projects was putting up another of my colorful purchases of the weekend.

A hammock!  My very own orange hammock!  In my very own back yard!

I don't think I can express to you how happy this hammock makes me.  As Isaac can attest to, I have been in it at every available opportunity since.  I've even been grading in it each evening (except for Wednesday.  Wednesday was cold).

Action shot.
Other than that, we haven't done too much around here lately.  Isaac and I have both had work to do in the evenings (me grading and him ... flow charting.  or something), so despite our itch to do some more work outdoors, the progress has slowed to a crawl.  But we've definitely been outside as much as possible.  

I found all of these in a 15-minute span while wandering around the yard on the phone with a customer-service rep.

As a child, I would collect these in peanut butter jars that had lids with air holes that my grandfather put in with a nail.  I know Beth will freak out when she sees this (just wait, girl - I have a Wordless Wednesday spider post coming up that's even better!), but I always had fun playing with these little guys.  

Hard at work, both of them.

Isn't he cute?
Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

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  1. There are a lot of things about this post that I like. There is one thing I do not. I'll leave you to figure out the mystery.... ;)


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