21 March 2012

Three things.

One. More spring!

I planted these seed pots on Saturday, and they sprouted yesterday.  It's amazing what a little fertilizer will do!  Totally worth the smell in the house. ;) Oh, and ignore the pet hair in the sprouts.  It's that time of year, too.

Two.  Some silliness.

It's a kitty cannon.  Or bazooka.  Or something.  This happens ... often.  Poor Marbles.

Three.  Some cuteness.

He looks so sweet here!  Looks can be deceiving.

"Really, mom, you're taking more pictures of me?  Geez."  (I know this one is way too photoshopped, but the original was just ever so slightly out of focus, so it took more tinkering than usual.  But it was worth it to preserve that expression!)

Look! It's the intersection of cuteness and silliness!  Marbles attacks Milano like this countless times throughout the day.

But then five minutes later, they're like this (photo with my phone).

And that's it.  Three things for your Wednesday.


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