18 March 2012


Spring has made it to Raleigh! 
There's been some yard work.

And some failed attempts at repotting plants.  (Whomp whomp.)

And garden planning; this is the raised bed that my husband built for me.  Isn't it nice?  It was free, too: he used the wood from our deck demo from last summer.

We've even bought some plants! (The birds and squirrels won't steal my strawberries this year!)
The dogwood is budding.

There are thousands of these in our yard. 

These came up in our front yard.  I don't know what they are, but I clipped some and brought them inside.

And there's definitely been lots of porch sitting (and porch grading for me).  Isn't he handsome?
 We're really enjoying it ... even if Isaac is already complaining about the heat!

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