06 March 2012

Sofa tables: our totally unexpected living room addition

[TL;DR: We bought sofa tables to keep the dog from jumping off the couch.  We don't love them, but we're getting used to them.  Now you can skip to the pictures.]

A few weeks ago, I was giving belly rubs to our favorite pup, and I noticed an unusual bump on her stomach.  It felt a lot like the hernia she had a couple years ago, so I immediately made an appointment with the vet.  Isaac took her (I had a work thing), and they did an ultrasound and asked some questions.  It was determined that it was just some inflammation, but that her jumping off the back of the couch onto the slick floor was probably to blame.  When she jumps off, she doesn't get any traction when she lands (like she would on carpet), so her legs go in all directions and it's hard on her stomach.

So.  For two weeks, we lived with no cushions on the back of the couch (the back of the frame is too skinny for her to stand on), as well as the bed on the floor (for good measure).  That, coupled with the anti-inflammatory drugs, shrunk that spot significantly after a week.  But we couldn't live with the couch and bed that way forever, and as soon as we put them back, she started jumping off the back again ... and the spot got bigger.  So we needed to do something.

Cut to last Sunday morning, when we were doing our normal weekend cleaning activities, I took the cushions off the back of the couch again.  We decided we'd live with it that way until we found or built something that worked (most likely a sofa table, though we tossed around everything from a screen to hanging curtains).  There wasn't a whole lot of space to work with; just a few inches, if we were going to keep the side table in between the other end of the couch and the stairs.

Then we went out shopping.  Mainly to look for a chair (we catty-cornered our TV as well, which opens up room for a small chair in our under-seated living room ... but that's for another post.  You know, when we actually find a chair [and I dust the TV stand so it's blog-worthy]), but also just to browse.  We landed at World Market, and Isaac called me over.  He prefaced his comment with "I know this one won't work, but ..." and then showed me a sofa table.  It was less than a food wide and four feet long.  Hmmm.

Long story short (well, short-ish - how have I already written four paragraphs on sofa tables?!): we bought two.  Two is the perfect length; they now run the entire length of the couch, which is key, since Milano likes to jump off the ends.  We had to get rid of the side table on the end of the couch and move the couch into the room a few inches (and take out the two cinder blocks that we used to raise the lamp; more on that below) the room definitely feels smaller.  I keep saying it's cozy, but Isaac isn't buying it.  Anyway, I think it's growing on me.

But I have no idea how to style sofa tables.  At first, I had two canisters with candles and filler (wine corks in one and rice in another) clustered with a plant.  That was too busy.  So I declustered and just went with a row of things.  This is where it stands now, though I don't love it.  And we need a lamp on the far end (where the big plant is now), because the other lamp casts a glare on the catty-cornered TV for Isaac now.

Whew!  Six paragraphs.  You ready for pictures?

Detail shot.  I don't know that I love the poms, but I do love the pop of color!

Here's the lamp with the new riser Isaac built.  By the time I had the two tables put together, he had whipped this up; it's incredibly sturdy, and the perfect size for the lamp base.  The lamp is too short on its own (it's like a light hat for those sitting in that corner), so the riser is necessary.  We were using cinder blocks covered in a piece of white fabric before (classy, I know), but only one was too narrow and two was too wide; this riser is Goldilock's favorite (see what I did there?).  The riser is covered in the same scrap of white fabric that I used before.  

Well, I think that's it.  Way too much information about our necessary, if not loved (yet), sofa tables purchase.  Next up: the search for the perfect oversized art and small-ish side chair.  Woo!


  1. Nice, bestie! I like the poms (and the color). Maybe a runner on the table would help to visually disguise that it's actually two tables (well, you know, besides the legs)? They seem to be a perfect fit, though!

    Also, I had to look up what TL;DR meant. I am officially too OLD for abbrevs!

  2. I love the tables! And the plant in the coffee can is adorable! :)


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