29 March 2012

Fabulous Find(s) Friday

My last few posts haven't been house updates ... simply because we have nothing to update you on.  We have a lot of plans, and a lot of things we want to accomplish this season, but since we have started working outside (cleaning up the yard, getting ready for the garden, etc.), the inside stuff has been pushed to the back burner.  More soon, I promise!

Anyway, after my Wordless Wednesday post, my bestie informed me of another blogging tradition: Fabulous Find Fridays.  From what I understand, the goal of such a post is to highlight a great product that the blogger found during the week.  I don't think I'll make this one a tradition, but today, in honor of FFF, I'll show you what has been on my "Stuff I want for the house" list for a while.  Some of these may actually be bought someday, while others didn't get the hubs approval, or are products I love but don't really have a place for, or are simply out of our price range.  But it's fun to dream!

First up: rugs.

This one is from IKEA.  It would look good in our library ... but the dining room, which is directly across from the library,  already has a white-with-blue-pattern rug in it.  Rats.

Price: $149 (for 6'7" square; all the pictures link to the source)

This one is from Rugs Direct.  It only gets two stars, so I probably wouldn't get it, but isn't it fun and cheery?

Price: $301.50 (size: 5' X 8')

Next up: furniture.

This is the "Erin Cute-as-a-Button Loveseat" from World Market.  Isn't it just, well, cute as a button?  If it fits in the space (I haven't measured yet), this is the front runner for the reading nook for our bedroom.

Price: $449.99 (the most expensive on this list!)

This is the Parsons Mini Desk from West Elm (shouldn't it be Parson's? Beth, get on that!).  I'd like to have a desk, but I don't need much room (just enough space for my laptop and maybe a book or two), and chances are, it would go in the middle of the library, so I think this would be perfect.  Of course, bookshelves and window seats need to be planned an executed first, just to be sure.

Price: $249 (a little steep for something called "mini."  This would be DIY-able too, I think.)

Next: Lighting.

All of the ceiling lights in our house are still builder grade.  That means we have two 90s-era cheap chandeliers downstairs, and a proliferation of boob lights throughout the house (I googled "boob lights" at work without thinking first of the consequences.  Thankfully, the decorating world has apparently claimed the term, and the first page of results was fairly benign).  Needless to say, all the lighting has to go at some point.

This first one is from West Elm and is my top choice for above the dining room table.  It's 30 inches wide, which would be great for the space.  Unfortunately, it's on clearance (which means if we want it, we should buy it soon), and hanging it would mean moving the connection in the ceiling over about a foot (I don't think this light is swag-able, since there are three wires that hang down).

Price: $199

This next one, also from West Elm, is my runner-up for the dining room.

Price: $199

Another West Elm (I apparently love their lighting).  This one I like for over the yet-to-be-purchased breakfast nook table.

Price: $99

Yet another West Elm.  This one is also in the running for over the breakfast nook.

Price: $99

Now, for the flush mount.  No one likes them, but sometimes, you have to use them.  Our kitchen is a good example.  A pendant would look silly.  My favorite option is this one, found via this post on flush lighting from Making it Lovely.  While it's not really that expensive, I'm currently looking for a cheaper replica, since it's really just a schoolhouse shade on a plain mount.

Price: $140

Wow, apparently I want a lot of things.  Up next: accessories.

I really like this pill carafe from Z Gallerie.  I always have a glass of water by the bed, so this would be cute and functional!  The blue or purple would look great in our bedroom ... you know, once we get to that (it's still a way-too-bright yellow color ... and we haven't hung anything ... or done anything, really, other than buy a king bed).  But unfortunately, we have a certain grey kitty who likes to knock over water glasses, so this would last approximately 45 seconds before it was smashed to a million pieces.  So I'll stick to my plastic, lidded-with-a-straw glass.  Hmph.

Price: $7.95

I didn't know whether to put this in furniture or accessories, but here it is.  I would use this as a plant stand in the warmer months next to the fireplace (in the winter, the fireplace tools live there).

Price: $64

Chalk this up as the most random.  A clear glass candelabra (it wasn't until embarrassingly recently that I realized it wasn't "candle opera").  I don't have anywhere to put it, and it doesn't really go with our decor, but I love it.

Price: $24.95

Finally: art

One of the first three choices here will hang in our house.  Once we have a breakfast nook table, we can have breakfast-themed art, right?  And for us, that includes coffee.  The problem is, there's really only enough room on the wall that borders the nook for one piece of art ... and I love all three of these.  Someone help me decide?

Price: $29

Price: $15

Price: $20

Finally, a little television show-inspired piece.  In the evenings over dinner (don't judge), we work our way through television series.  Some of our favorites are House, Psych and Burn Notice, but we have watched NCIS, Seinfeld, Daria, The Office, and, most recently, we finished Arrested Development.  This little piece of art comes from that show.  I think it could be fun to commemorate some of our favorites with art in our home ... especially if it is as cute and quirky as this piece.

Price: $30

So there you have it.  Way too many things that I want ... and yes, I feel a little guilty posting this.  I have so much already!  But this is part of planning our home, I suppose, and a lot of these things have given me ideas of directions I want to go with our decor.  I hope you enjoyed the virtual version of window shopping with me!

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  1. I like the third coffee print the best! I also love this one; have you seen it? http://www.etsy.com/listing/61920565/i-love-you-blogs-and-coffee-print


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