24 February 2012

My Own Pinterest Challenge!

I love Pinterest.  Like, a lot.  I know some people are "over it" already (ahem, bestie), but not me.  I love it for design inspiration and DIY ideas, mostly.  I have a small fashion board, and one for random funny things, but mostly, I use it to give me ideas for our home.  I don't really trust my fashion sense (ok, so I don't even think I have one!), so Pinterest is like my fashion conscience.  But even though I have been pinning for months now, I haven't done any of the 73 DIY ideas I have pinned.  So in the tradition of two of my favorite bloggers, Young House Love and Bower Power, I decided to take on my own Pinterest Challenge (you can see two of their Challenge posts here and here).

So to start with, the pin.

So fun!  Book planters; good tutorial.
The original source was this one from Apartment Therapy.  Given my penchant for house plants, I couldn't pass this one up.  Here's what I did.

I bought the book at Edward McKay's Used Book Store here in Raleigh.  I liked the color of the cover, and I especially like that it was a book about decoration (and not a novel that I would want to read before I destroyed it)

 I bought the plants at Home Depot for like $2-$3 each.

Vase filler from Target.  Both to line the bottom to give a little drainage and in lieu of the moss for the top of the soil.

 Soil. Duh.

 I marked off where I wanted to cut.  I marked two pages: the one I wanted to be the page on top and the one right after.  I started cutting on that second page, and didn't cut the one on top until I was done.

I didn't take any good pictures of the process of cutting, but it wasn't easy.  My exacto knife and box cutter are both really dull, so I was only able to cut four pages at a time.  There are like 900 pages in this book.  So yeah. It took several days.

I'm kind of obsessed with this image, and I don't know why.  I just can't stop looking at it!  Is that really strange?  I kind of want to have it printed really big and hang it in my house.  Would you still visit me?

The extra pages that the beginning wouldn't stay down, so I stacked some books on top of them for several days.

 The prep!  And look how flat the pages are laying!  I cut a plastic bag and used masking tape to secure it a couple pages below the top of the hole.  That way, when I water it, it won't get the book wet.  Then I just plopped the plants in, filled the holes with dirt, then layered the top with stones!



After I was done, I went back to the original Apartment Therapy post and read through the comments.  People were hating on this project!  They said succulents were over, that you shouldn't ruin books, that it looked like the book was molding, that it wasn't a product that would last.  Also, my sweet husband said "ok, so now where are you going to put it?" and I said "I have no idea."  

Despite all of that, though, I really like it.  So there!


  1. Cutting those pages must've taken forever! This is so creative. I also love the book choice! :)

  2. Whatever haters! This is pretty. :) I work at a used bookstore and after a while, you just have to resign yourself to the fact that BOOKS GET RUINED. There isn't a large bookstore in the country that doesn't tear the covers off because of dumpster divers, and really there's nothing to do about it. I am all for rescuing those 10 cent books and turning them into something pretty! Hope you find it a home in your home, good luck and well done! <3

    1. Thanks, Alix! I really appreciate your encouragement. And it has indeed found a home on our buffet table - and is quite cute there, if I do say so myself! :) Thanks again!

  3. I love this project and now I'm obsessed with the photo of the book pages and the ruler, too - it's beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, Beth; that was very sweet. It's definitely getting printed and hung somewhere - whether my husband likes it or not! :)


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