19 February 2012

The Kitchen.

I'm getting really good at blogging!  I think the facelift I gave the blog is inspiring me.

Today, I want to show you our new kitchen.  Ok, not completely new; we still have the same (builder-grade) cabinets and counters.  (Actually, most of our house is still builder grade: all the light fixtures, counters, floors - even the walls in the front of the downstairs were still builder's beige!  Amazing, since our house was built in '91.  But I can't complain too much, since maintenance-wise, the house is in fantastic shape.)  Replacing the cabinets and counters are on our to-do list down the road.  But replacing the appliances was much higher on our list ... mainly because two of the four had already given us problems in the year and a half we've had them.  We inherited all four with the house, and they were not new.  Not new at all.

You can see here how close together our stove top and microwave are.  Sadly, as you will see below, that isn't fixed yet.

We had already removed the upper cabinet here; the new fridge is a few inches taller.  Also, sorry about the Marbles and puppy tail photobombing.  They are a blur, which is pretty much how they are in real life.

Both our fridge and microwave have had to be revived over the past year.  Since we had a little extra cash on hand --

Side story: last year, we received a property tax bill, and we, since it was still the first year we owned the home, didn't realize that our taxes were paid out of an escrow account.  We paid the taxes, then got them back when the bank realized the error.  Though it was ours all along, it felt like free money, and it went into our home savings account that we use to set aside money for home improvement. 

-- and we knew that there would be some good after-Christmas sales, we hit up Lowe's and Sears.  We found a great deal at Sears, and one new credit card later (an extra 15% off, plus six months interest-free!), these came home with were delivered to us a few days later!

Side note 2: Sorry for the dark and somewhat crappy pictures.  It's a gloomy day here today, but I had put off taking the 'after' pictures long enough, plus I spent an hour this morning detailing our kitchen and wanted to take pictures while it was pristine!

Fridge and dishwasher.

Stove and microwave.
Up close.
From the other side.

Up close of dishwasher.
Like I said, the microwave is still too close to the stove; we are going back and forth between raising the cabinets we have and just waiting a while and getting new ones.  Raising them wouldn't be a problem except for the mysterious walled box above the cabinets right next to our pantry (you can see it in the side picture of the stove and microwave above).  It's in the way, and we really don't know what's behind it.  Pipes? Wires?  Nothing at all?   I think we probably would have already raised them if that box wasn't there.

Oh, and there was one other, albeit much smaller, addition to the kitchen.

A fruit bowl!  This was definitely an impulse buy at Target; it's a really pretty coral color (it's much prettier in person).  I'm discovering that I am really drawn to this color, and as a bonus, it works really well with our paint color.  And the color palette I'm working on for our master bedroom combines it with a deep blue color (you know, so it's not too feminine and will get the approval of the hubs).

And that's it: our new kitchen!  All the other appliances have nifty new bells and whistles that make cooking a little bit more fun.  We're certainly having a good time figuring them out.  And I was afraid that the stainless steel would make our small kitchen appear even smaller, but I think it works really well.  Woo! I have to say, having a glass of ice water at the push of a button feels really luxurious.  Neither Isaac or I have had a (working) ice maker since we lived with our respective parents, much less one that had a dispenser on the front. (Our old fridge had an ice maker, but it never worked.)  It's really, really nice.  In fact, I'm enjoying a cold glass of water right now!

Speaking of cold: we're supposed to have snow tonight?!  I suppose I can't complain; this would be the first time this winter.  But ... but ... but ... I want to complain!  Yesterday, I sat on the porch and graded.  It was 65 degrees and sunny.  This isn't fair!

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  1. Love it! I want an ice maker. And for summer to be here already....


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