30 January 2012

My Impromptu Trip to Morgantown

I know, I know.  I promised a kitchen update.  That was my plan for the weekend ... until I found out that my brother's final home games were this weekend.  He plays hockey for WVU, and I had never seen him play at the college level.  So I left Friday morning (my students were happy for the day off, though I gave them more out-of-class work to do than they would have done in class!) and made the seven-plus hour drive to Morgantown. 

Long story short: I'm so glad I did!  I got to see two games (well, one game and one period; my poor brother got hurt in the first period of the second game, so he didn't play the last two periods), and I got to visit with him, my parents and grandmother.  Like my last post, I'll let my pictures do the talking.  I only got one good picture from the second game, so these are all from the game on Friday night.

Before the game.

Always grinning.

He shoots!

He scores!!

Waiting for the pass ...

He shoots (again)!

He scores (again)!!

Look, I made it to midnight!  Go me!

The final score.  How 'bout them 'Eers?

The handshakes, a hockey tradition.

Becca, Ryan's girlfriend, and her sign.  So sweet!

We didn't see much of Dad during the game, mainly because he was still working.  Here he is carrying a chair that some hockey players busted.

Even when he was there, he stood up, away from us.  He yells a lot.
The cheering section.  I would say how impressed I am that my grandmother made it to the end of the game, but she regularly makes fun of me for going to bed hours before her.  Also, behind us is my uncle and two cousins, who also came. 
Now for a few random pictures that I liked.

I got caught!

The one good picture from the second game.
Again, I'm so glad I went.  I'm tired today, and I definitely didn't get all the work done that I needed to this weekend, but it was so worth it.  And the kitchen update will come soon, I promise!

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