11 July 2011

Kure Beach, 2011

Isaac and I snuck (sneaked?  I never know ...) away last weekend for a mini-vacation with my family.  My parents, brother and brother's girlfriend had been at the beach since the 3rd, and Isaac and I joined them on Friday.  In the span of 24 hours, I got sunburned, skinned two toes and got the worst case of swimmer's ear in the history of swimming. (My ear is still clogged - my students today had to yell for me to hear them, and I'm heading to the doctor this afternoon to have it looked at.)  But we had fun!

I did feel bad for Isaac, though.  He was *so* excited about putt putt mini-golf (I won't lie, I still call it putt putt), but it rained Saturday afternoon and we couldn't go.  So sad!

I have a few pictures to share.  The first two were taken by my mom (hi Mom!) ... and the only one with people in them.  There are no pictures of Isaac or my mom, since both of them screech and throw up their hands any time a camera is pointed in their direction.  Party poopers!

First up, playing bocce ball.  I still don't understand the rules of this one ... mainly because I've never asked.

Playing Shanghi, an old card game we used to play with my mom's parents.  I lost miserably.  Ryan won.

The next two was our view from the condo deck.  So pretty!

We had fun feeding the sea gulls.  Isaac calls them "rats with wings" and "no better than pigeons," but I think they're pretty.  And I got to use the sports function on the camera, which was fun.

So even with my skinned toes, sunburn and clogged ear, the trip was worth it.  Thanks for a great weekend, fam!


  1. Poor you! I'm jealous of your beach trip, but not your mishaps. FEEL BETTER SOON! (I did that in caps so you could hear it better....)

    Great pictures, by the way! :)

  2. Amazing pictures of the seagulls! (I think they're pretty too... except when they chase you.)

  3. I love your blog design! So cute! :)


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