26 June 2011

The War Room!

Ok, so my darling husband loves to play video games.  And by loves, I mean I would be out a husband if it were legal to marry a computer.  He loves to game.

And I love that about him.  I especially love when he gets to play with his friends.  Sometimes he gets to play online with Preston, but occasionally, his crew gets together in one place to game.  And game they do.

They call it the War Room, and seriously, I've never seen this kind of dedication.  They start early (the earliest this time was around 10 a.m.), and they don't stop until they start seeing two computer screens (the latest this time was 4:30.  As in a.m.).  And they have a blast.  But instead of telling you about it, why don't I show you?

First, the whole crew.

From L-R: Me, Isaac, Liz, Seth, Preston, Jeremiah
Next, the infamous War Room.
Next, some general silliness.  This was taken on the last morning, so everyone was a little sleep deprived.

So fun.  Thanks for a great weekend, everyone!

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