05 June 2011

To the idiot in the Lexus SUV (... not a house update!)

So I just got back from Lowe's, where I went to pick up some extra white border fence for the back yard.  We are Isaac is finally taking out the last of the old garden fence and replacing it with short white fence.  It's not really pretty, but it's a necessary precaution for the dog.  We don't like her to get right up against the back fence (those crazy big dogs next door), so we are putting up a border until the bushes grow big enough to keep her away. 


We needed some extra fence, so while Isaac worked, I ran out to get some.  Cut to me pulling in at Lowe's.  I was rocking out to Paula & Karol and generally just enjoying being out of the house.  The entrance to Lowe's could be, for a first-time visitor, briefly confusing.  Directly in front of the entrance is the loading area, and the roadway curves in front of it.  It looks like this:
I followed in this blue Lexus SUV, and he drove straight in to the loading area.  No big deal - I assumed he was picking something up.  I continued on around the road, but when I came to the other side of the loading area, I noticed something off the passenger side of the car.  That SUV was coming straight through the loading area - and straight for my car!  I hit my gas, he hit his brake, and we didn't collide.  Whew.  I was going to brush it off as a silly mistake on his part, until I glanced in my rearview.  (Are you ready for some Dooce-esque caps lock action?) HE WAS SHAKING HIS HEAD AT ME!  


I have never in my life wanted to confront someone (let's face it, I'm a big chicken), but I really, REALLY wanted to get out of my car and (calmly!) explain to him why he, not I, was the idiot. I could not believe HE WAS SHAKING HIS HEAD AT ME. Hmph.

It reminded me of this print I saw on Pinterest:
(Found here)
I think all these horrible Raleigh drivers are giving me road rage ... 

(Back soon with updated pics of our deck patch of bare earth and updated white fence!)


  1. Ha! Your diagram is hilarious, and that pinterest quote is great. Nice post. ;)

  2. Hi!

    What a great post!

    I'm loving your blog. It's so fun, well written.
    Please, drop by if you have a minute. It's so nice to "meet" you!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com


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