25 May 2011

Welcome back!

I'm glad you made it here.  As you may have seen here, we have changed web addresses.  Yay progress!

Speaking of progress, as evidenced by my lack of posting, there hasn't been much around here.  We've made one big accomplishment in the last month - ten (!!) new bushes outside - but for the most part, things have stayed the same.  In part that's because we were Isaac was doing non-post-worthy-but-still-time-consuming yard work (clearing many years' worth of sticks, leaves and general brush, cutting and trimming, tearing-down of old garden fence, etc.), and in part because it was the end of the semester and I had no time for anything other than grading (and complaining about grading).  But now the semester is over, and, after a brief visit to good ol' West Virginia, I'm back and ready to go! 

Well ... kind of.  See, our air conditioning unit decided to break.  At the beginning of the first 90-degree-plus week of the summer.  It's so hot that we dragged the guest room mattress downstairs and have been sleeping in the living room (pictures forthcoming, as the dog threw up on the bed this morning and the sheets are in the wash).  So we aren't doing much of anything ... besides sweating and complaining about the heat.  Even poor Milano doesn't do much other than sit around and pant.  It's getting looked at tomorrow (thank goodness for our home warranty: this is the third time we've had to use it!), and hopefully it will be a quick fix.  If not, we're looking at a loooooong weekend of doing not much of anything. 

And that's about it.  I will be back soon to show you the bushes, the garden (wow, has it taken off!) and, I'm sure, some hilarious coping-with-the-heat pictures.  Yay summer!

But I can't post this without at least one picture (I don't think I have a picture-less post yet ... though I could be wrong), so here's a wedding picture, since Isaac and I got married eight months ago today.  And what a crazy, wonderful eight months it has been!

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  1. I like your new web address! And the picture. And you. :)

    PS: I hope the air conditioning is an easy fix!!


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