17 April 2011

So lucky.

Well, this weekend was a little more adventurous that we had planned on.  The massive storm system that swept through the Southeast definitely swept through our neck of the woods.  I’m not ashamed to admit: I was scared.  We were watching the local news station, which was playing nonstop live weather reporting, and the storm system that had been producing tornados was coming directly at our house.  Yikes.  So when we lost power, right after the TV said “take shelter to protect your life,” that’s exactly what we did.

We couldn’t find Whitman (silly outside cat!), but me, Isaac, Milano and Mustard all piled into our half bath downstairs.  We took my purse (with wallet, phone, keys), a flashlight, wind-up radio and used the back couch cushions and a blanket as a fort.  We were cramped, to say the least.  And we hadn’t been in there two minutes before we heard a loud bang – something had hit the house.  Luckily, that was all we heard, and 15 or 20 minutes later, the tornado warning expired.  Whew.
Here’s a look at what hit the house.

(As you can see, Whitman made it through the storm just fine.)  The limb wasn’t from any of our trees (we have mostly maple, and I don’t know what this is).  It looks like a tree that our next-to-our-next-door neighbors have … about a hundred feet away.  Yikes.  We’re so lucky that it didn’t go through the large window right above it.  It must have missed by inches.

When we went out last evening in search of food and later for some company (we met some friends at a local cafe that had power), we saw just a little of the damage close to our house.  A tornado touched down just a couple miles down the road - actually, it took us a few different tries to get downtown, as there were downed power lines and trees across many of the roads.  We actually ran over a few power lines accidentally - yikes!  We saw trees snapped in half and uprooted, interstate signs ripped off and carried almost a mile down the road. Really scary.  And it shows we would have been lucky even if the limb had gone through the window.  So many in our area have lost their homes … some even lost their lives.  We got away with only losing power for 12 hours.  So very lucky.

Today is a new day - and a beautiful one at that.  We’ve already cleaned up the backyard.  Here’s a peek at how many sticks and limbs came down – just in our back yard!
We broke them all down and fit it all into two 30-gallon bags.  Milano was a big help.  Both with breaking down the sticks –
 – and with carting off the full bags.
(Carting?  See what I did there? Ahem ...)

And now things are mostly back to normal.  We just need to catch up on things (cleaning, laundry … grading) that didn’t get done in our power-less Saturday evening. But first, let me leave you with a little math equation.
Have a safe and happy Sunday.


  1. Wow! I except this kind of thing in Louisville; Raleigh surprised me. So glad you're okay.

  2. I'm sooo glad you all are safe!!!


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