19 April 2011

Parade of the houseplants.

I discovered something about myself in the past few weeks: I like plants.  I know, I know, not that big of an epiphany, but I have never really had a houseplant before.  Now I have three.  Here's a quick rundown (don't expect any actual plant names, though - I'm not that dedicated).

This guy is probably my favorite - if only because of the pot he's in (apparently in my head, plants are masculine).  It's an antique bean pot that my grandmother gave me.  The blue is beautiful - I tried so hard to capture it, but I'm not that great with the camera yet.  Out of the forty or so shots I took of it, this was the closest I could get to the actual color.  It's actually a bit brighter.  I do feel a little bad for putting a plant in an antique bean pot - I should be preserving it instead, right? - but this way, it's out and I'm enjoying it.  That counts for something, right?  Currently, it lives on our buffet.
A note about the buffet - We are making the top of the buffet a serving/bar area, so eventually, the lone shaker will be joined on the white tray (from Pier 1) by highball glasses, some drink choices and maybe an ice bucket.  A wine bottle holder will be off to the left.  I'm also planning on doing a candle arrangement on overturned champagne glasses next to the plant, like this:
Image from Real Simple here
I'm pretty excited about that one.  It should be fun to put together.

Ok, moving on.
This guy I've actually had for a while (I know, I know, I said I didn't have any, but I neglected it for so long I kind of forgot about it!), but it had outgrown its tiny pot.  I found this gold one at Walmart for $10 (including the small tray it's sitting on), and he seems to be doing well now.  Once we get the walls painted, I think this will go beautifully - the wall color is an earthy green with gold undertones.  I love that it's on the big side for this table - it feels very homey to me.

I know this one! It's aloe!  Aloe is the only type of  indoor plant that my mom (hi Mom!) has ever kept alive (to her credit, she keeps her outdoor gardens beautiful), so I'm fairly confident about this guy.  The pot is actually the one the last plant came out of (waste not, you know), and it works perfectly.  The stick horse was a gift from my Derby-town-based bestie, Beth. Isn't it cute?  This one currently lives on our bar, so it's close by in case when I burn myself in the kitchen. 

And that's all for the plants.  I do have a couple other shots for you, though.  Remember the birdhouse housewarming gift I talked about here?  It found a home!
It's probably too late in the season to get any little friends this year, but maybe next!  And in the meantime, it's a pretty addition to our backyard.

I also got some pretty flowers from my husband - and they served as good models for my adventures into non-automatic settings with the Canon.  Observe.
I don't really know what I did - but I like it!


  1. Fun! I don't have a single plant in our apartment... with good reason (I would kill it). But you're inspiring me. Also, cute stick-horse placement. :)

  2. I love the house plants! Your becoming quite a decorator!!! Can't wait to your house again soon... Love you guys, Mom

  3. I love your pots! I have house plants that I've kept alive (or rather... they've survived) since August! (I killed a 25 year old cactus in two weeks, so this is a big deal for me). But anyway, they need to be repotted - I could use some tips :)

    p.s. Have a relaxing Spring holiday!


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