03 April 2011

Garden! Part 2

Well, I did it.  I put seeds in the ground.

I planted green beans, red onions, corn and a leaf lettuce, all of which were planned.  I also made an impulse buy at Southern States and came home with two strawberry plants.  I hadn't researched them at all, which made me a little nervous, but together the plants were less than $6, so I won't feel too bad if they are a bust.

Also, they are the only plants above ground right now, so I suppose they are already the most successful. 

I also planted some broccoli and peppers in seed starters.

They should be ready to transplant in a few weeks.  All the supplies (seeds, soil, starter boxes) cost less than $40, so even if nothing grows, it wasn't too expensive of a learning experience.

And I'm not going to be surprised if absolutely nothing comes up out of the ground.  Though I have read a whole lot about growing vegetables (I may have grown up on a farm, but the garden was my grandparents' forte, and I never had to work it, just eat the reward), now that I have actually planted them, I have a hard time believing anything will actually grow.  But we'll see.

Isaac and I also spent hours cleaning up our yard this weekend (in fact, he's still outside mowing).  I completely forgot to take a "before" picture, but the back fence line of our yard was in awful shape.  I did have a couple old pictures, where you can kind of see the mess.
 See the lack of green grass back there in the corner?  

And the stick piles there on the left?

Two distinct brush piles, and enough leaves that I don't think it had been raked in years.  Certainly we didn't.  Whoops. And things only got worse when the weather got warmer, because we started collecting sticks and adding them to the piles.  And then we were stuck.  What in the world do you do with brush piles in a city?  Our families had always just burned them, but you can't exactly do that here.  

We started seeing these large paper bags around the neighborhood (they really look like lunch sacks that are big enough to pack a whole person), and lo and behold, we looked it up, and they get picked up with the trash. The website said that we could put out up to 15 30-gallon bags, and we kind of laughed - who would need that many?

Yeah.  That's 12, in case anyone lost count.  And that only cleaned up the back corner; we still have behind the fence, in the old garden and the front corner to clean out.  Needless to say, we went back to Home Depot and got 20 more bags.  They won't go to waste.  And what's cool - they use the yard waste as compost or mulch, so it doesn't go to waste!  Yay eco-friendly solution.  

And now I should cook dinner.  I figure it's the least I can do ... I just heard Isaac turn on the weedeater, so he's still going strong outside. 

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