13 April 2011

The Burnses Visit & Garden Updates

Isaac's parents visited us last weekend!  It was the first time they had been down to visit the new house, and we were so excited to have them.  It was great to visit, and we did lots of shopping at places they don't have in southern West Virginia; we went to Home Goods, Z Gallarie, World Market, Pier 1 ... to name a few.  Isaac's dad helped us fix our mailbox (more on that later) and gutters, and we got some great advice on different projects we want to take on. 

And they saved us from one major catastrophe - when we woke up on Friday, our refrigerator had died!  Luckily, it was covered under our one-year home warranty we got as part of our house closing ... but that left us without one until Monday.  The Burnses were very kind and bought us a mini-fridge that got us through the weekend.  And it wasn't just about convenience - Isaac had five bottles of unopened insulin that needed to be kept cold.  They were a real lifesaver!  (Thank you guys again!!) 

But that's enough chatter.  Let me let the pictures tell the story.

There was some dog spoiling (notice how there isn't a picture of Garry eating the cheese ... I'm not sure he got any!).  Isn't their dog Abbey cute?  She's a sweetheart.

But this (at the top of the stairs) is where she spent most of the weekend.  See, she doesn't like thunder, and it stormed both Saturday and Sunday.  And then after that, any time she heard someone walking upstairs, she thought it was thunder.  Poor thing was scared the whole time - I felt so bad!

We also got a few housewarming gifts.  There are some tools that Garry and Judy brought from Isaac's grandparents' house (I don't have a picture - sorry.  But who really wants a picture of a shovel?), and we got a brand new mailbox!

Isn't it pretty?  The mailbox post had been bumped by a bumper a few weeks ago, and we asked Garry if he could bring down a fence post digger and help us secure it - this was a bonus!  Even our mail carrier loves it; we got this with our mail today:
Isn't that sweet?

We also got a unique birdhouse.
Isn't it cute?  I can't wait to hang it up (on the fence? a tree?  we can't decide) and see what nests inside.  We had a robin's nest on the deck of our last house, and I loved watching them come and go.  I know this is a little small for robins, but I've seen finch (or finch-like) birds around, so maybe we'll get a family of those!

Overall, it was wonderful to visit with them.  I can't wait to see what has changed around here the next time they come down!

And now for the garden.  We have progress!!  Out of the six things we planted, we have "broken ground," so to speak, on four.
Swiss chard!


Beans! (see it?  it's in the middle, and really small - but it's there!)

This is either broccoli or bell peppers ... I forgot to mark.  Garry thinks it is broccoli, so I'm going to trust that.
Yay!!  The only two that haven't come up are corn and the other side of the seed pots, which is either the broccoli or peppers.  I have a little more confidence now, though, so I'm hopeful. 

I have one more picture for you.  I snapped this sometime this weekend - I don't even remember doing it.  But it is my favorite picture of Isaac ever.

Isn't he handsome?

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