13 March 2011


One of the things I have been most excited about (well, with regards to the outside of the house anyway) is planting a garden.  I may have grown up on a farm, but I've never had a garden of my own - renting pretty much prohibits that.  And in NC, you can start planting as early as late March (so I've read), so we decided that this beautiful day was a good time to get it started. 

The previous owners (who were awesome ... and very hippie) had a garden, but unfortunately, their garden was against our side fence ... the one that borders the yard with the big dogs who want to eat our little dog.  Which means that that's where we need to put in tall bushes to keep them from seeing Milano.  So bye, bye previously tilled garden.  Sad.

Enter our new location.

I know the picture quality is usually a little better, but I took these pics with my little point-and-shoot. I was too nervous to bring the good camera outside with all the dirt flying around
It's along the opposite fence, and it seems to get pretty good sunlight.  We originally were going for a five-by-ten plot, but once we measured it out, it seemed a little small.  So we bumped it up to five-by-fifteen, which looked a little better. 

From there, we used a little garden shovel to mark out the border, then raked it, then got on hands and knees and pulled out as much vegetation as possible (yay gardening gloves!), and finally started tilling.  We used this hand tiller from Lowe's (picture is linked),

which got the job done well.  I know both Isaac and I will be (really, really) sore tomorrow, but it was fun.  Once a row was tilled, I went back and removed more vegetation.  We didn't do the whole plot, but we got about half of it done.

See?  If it doesn't rain tomorrow (though I think it's going to), I will finish the other half.  If not, it can wait a bit.  We won't plant anything for another couple of weeks, but I'm glad we got it started early.  And Milano helped too!

Her paws are still filthy.  But dogs will be dogs (even the tiny ones), so you can't be mad.  It was rather cute, actually; I got showered with her dirt spraying more than once.

The next step will be to plan out the plot.  Our current list of possible plants is peppers, beans, corn, broccoli, romaine and potatoes.  That's not necessarily what grows best here, though - we actually came up with it because those are things we buy most often at the grocery store.  So it will be a learning experience, for sure. 

But one that I'm really looking forward to!!


  1. Love it! If we have ever have (time for) a house with a backyard, planting a garden is so on my to-do list.

    What about tomatoes and onions? I know you guys don't eat them much, but you could make your own salsa and spaghetti sauce. 'Just a thought. And herbs. Can you grow herbs in a regular old garden, or do they need a special spot.

    'Can't wait to move in with you for two weeks. Yay!



  2. Next time you till, might I suggest starting from the fence and working backwards? Then you don't have to stand where you have already tilled. :-D just a thought. Looks good though. Have fun kids. Miss you guys, and thanks for the call this morning. Always good to hear from you


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