27 February 2011

Some house updates (rug, buffet, paint and more!)

(I'm writing this on our back porch.  It's almost 80 and sunny here in Raleigh today.  Yesssss.)

Look!  Two posts in a week!  I am awesome.

Ok, so the biggest update we have is that we finally bought a rug for the living room.  Do you know how hard it is to find an 8' round rug that isn't ugly and doesn't cost a fortune?  Hard, I tell you!  We decided we wanted a round rug because, as it was, our living room was really angular.  The L-shaped sectional, the coffee table, the TV and stand, the stairs, the fireplace - it seemed the whole room was a series of right angles.  So we felt like a round rug would soften that out, maybe.  So we started searching.  Our criteria were that it had to be round, at least 7 feet (preferably 8), have some color (our sectional is dark brown and we are painting the coffee table white) and some sort of pattern (because of the large solid blocks of color that are the sectional and coffee table).  That's not too much to ask, right?  Ha.

After a month (at least) of searching, we found this rug (the pics are links).

It fit our parameters: it was 8' in diameter, round, had color and some pattern.  It was blue, which is what Isaac likes, and had some green, which I like.  It wasn't perfect, and it was at the top of our price range (we set a budget of $400) (it has gone down in price since then; originally, it was in the $390s), but we figured it was the best we were going to do.  I had looked at every round rug on Overstock (literally - and there are over 3700), as well as JCPenney, Ikea, World Market, Home Depot Collection (note the "Collection" there - that's important for later), Lowe's, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Rugs Direct and anywhere else I could find.  So we settled on this one ... and waited until our tax refund came in. 

A few days before we were to get our refund, Isaac mentioned that we should make sure that this was the rug we wanted, so we could go ahead and buy it when the money came in.  I, thinking that we had already made our decision, balked at the idea of looking at more rugs.  I had looked at thousands!  I wasn't going to spend any more time!  If he wanted to, I thought, he could do it.  And I told him as much. 

And then I looked some more.  Whoops.  Because then I found this one:

I liked it better.  A lot better.  Better enough to swallow my pride and broach it to Isaac, even though I had sworn I was done looking.  The pattern was nicer, the colors were about the same, but it was lighter, which I thought would balance out the sectional.  AND it was $200 cheaper. 

Luckily, he readily agreed.  We bought it as soon as the government gave us our money back.  And then we waited. 

And waited.  And waited.  I think Milano was the most impatient; she had such a hard time jumping onto the couch from the slick floor.  She often ended up doing what Isaac (the meany) calls her "muppet impression," where she would only make it halfway up, slam into the couch, and end up scrambling on the floor.  And then I would have to get up, pick her up, and set her on the couch.  Not fun.

Anyway, it finally came.  And it looked like this:

Even with the bad lighting (I took this at night, sorry), it's quite obvious the colors are wrong.  So, so wrong.  I hated from the moment we unrolled it, so less than 20 minutes later, I got online to start the return process (though the order originally said it was unreturnable, Overstock's customer service was awesome and it was an easy return).  (Also, if you go back to the original link for the rug, you will see that it has one review.  That's mine.)

So back on the hunt we went (are you tired of this story yet?).  I looked everywhere again, twice.  So frustrating!  But one day, a few days after we returned the old one, I was headed to the Home Depot Collection.  It's their decorating line, and the link to it is on their main page in the top right corner.  But instead of clicking it, I decided to look at what was for sale on their regular website.  And there it was.

It was perfect!  It had colors I loved, a pattern, it wasn't dark ... perfect.  And it was only $147!  And it was President's Day weekend, so I found a coupon for 20% off plus free shipping! So the total would be $129.    Score.  I asked Isaac, with bated breath, what he thought.  He agreed, and I bought it.  Fifteen minutes after I saw it first.  After almost two months of searching.  Awesome.  Our only fear was that it would be the wrong colors, like the last time.


So here we are, finally, with a rug.

What do you think?  Milano approves.

Now to choose a paint color.  You may notice the garish white blotches on our wall.  That is primer, covering up our first choice, Martha's Spanish Moss.  Though it is really, really pretty during the day, it turns this awful pastel-y dark color (it's a contradiction, I know, but that's what it was!) and clashes with the rug.  So today while we were out, we picked up some more options.

The one off to the left side at the bottom is the rejected color.  Think we have enough choices?  We'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

We have also made a couple thrifty purchases recently.  One was these bar stools from craigslist.

They are kind of wobbly (which Isaac hates), so we will be reinforcing them somehow, and I want to paint the legs and recover the top with some fun fabric.  But they were $15 each, which is cheaper than I can find them new ... and plus, I don't feel guilty painting them! 

I also picked up this tablecloth at Target today for $4.24.

A sweet little print for Spring, no?  (I just noticed how off center the table is on that rug.  It will be fixed as soon as I post this - we moved the table up against the wall to move the buffet in and apparently I did a crappy job of rearranging.)

Finally, one more shot of our new buffet.  We are in love.  She's all washed up now, and loaded down.

And that brings us to the end of this very (very, very) long update.  But we are just coming out of winter hibernation, so things will be happening much more frequently around the house (and therefore, hopefully, this blog) ... which will hopefully lead to shorter updates.  You're welcome.

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  1. Hooray! Can't wait to see what paint color you choose. Oh, and I'm super impressed with the bar stools. Nice!


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