04 December 2010

First Snow in New House

Well, it's snowing.  In celebration, I had a cup of hot chocolate and Isaac bought a new car.  What can I say, the boy loves snow.

First, a picture of his new toy.

Pretty, right?  It has heated seats ... by far the best invention ever.  

Now for the playing-in-the-snow pictures.  I graciously offered to man the camera ... leaving the playing part to Isaac and the pup.  

Isaac throwing snowballs (if you look closely, you can see the snowball in mid air.  Our camera is awesome, even if we still use the automatic settings.).

Milano trying to fetch said snowball.  She managed to pick it up and carry it a foot or so before it fell apart in her mouth.  Fairly adorable.

But she's a tiny puppy, and soon enough she wanted to come in.  I had to take a picture first though.  This is her panic face - I don't think she was really ready for all that cold white stuff.

Even Isaac looks a little cold.  Could it be that he's acclimating to the climate down here? 

Ok, off to enjoy my hot chocolate.  So glad we don't have to go anywhere today!


  1. Hot Chocolate and a New Car! Not bad for your first snow in the new house.
    I think someone was cheating and taking outside picture through the window? Get out there and enjoy the white stuff. You guys do not see that very often. Love you guys!!! G.B.

  2. Heated seats? A puppy? I'm so jealous of your life. :)


    hmmmm..... since Isaac likes the cold so much, you should get the car with heated seat to keep your bum warm!... tee hee hee


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