21 November 2010

By "very soon," I meant "almost two months later"

(Warning: this post is really, really, really, REALLY long.  It has 22 pictures, and 22 paragraphs to go along with them.  Feel free to browse the pictures and ignore the writing :) )

Yes, yes, I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of the house.  But it has just now reached barely presentable!

I won't keep you waiting any longer.  Come on in!

(Some of you may have seen this project on Facebook yesterday.  I made it!  It's a little silly, but I'm proud of it.)

We'll start upstairs, in the master bedroom. 

I just want to say, the king bed is awesome.  Really really awesome.  The yellow paint, not so much. The bedside tables we have now were actually used in Isaac's sister Sarah's wedding.  The cloth under the glass is a cloth napkin.  These are temporary.  Also temporary is the bench at the foot of the bed.  The puppy can't jump from the floor to the bed, so we need some sort of step.  We would like to get a longer bench at some point, so it doesn't look quite as silly.

Another view of the bedroom.  The mirror in the corner was my first craigslist purchase - $25!  I've seen them in stores for four times that.  Sweet.  The television was a bought with wedding money.  The dresser is mine (I want to paint it), and the vanity was a present years and years ago from my grandparents.  

Yet another view of the bedroom - the tall dresser is Isaac's. The door on the right leads to the hall, and the one on the left leads to the master bath. 
 Speaking of the master bath, here it is.  Long and skinny, but awesome.  It has double sinks, which I never thought I would want or need ... but they are great.  And lots of storage, which is a big upgrade from last year, when we had zero drawers or cabinets in the bathroom - for three people!  (We managed, though, right Sara Rae Taylor Almost-Boissonneau?) The door on the right leads to the closet - more on that awesome perk in a minute.  The door straight back is to the water closet (a.k.a the toilet room).
Another view of the bathroom.  Notice there is a dorm-style shower stall, and a shower curtain on the garden tub.  Yes, there are two showers in our bathroom.  We have no idea what the owners were thinking.  We originally were using the stall, and took the curtain off the tub, but the two inch-deep shelves in the stall proved too small for my massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner not to mention my soap, razor ... oh yeah, and Isaac's stuff too.  So we switched.  Eventually, we want to replace the shower stall with one that has more shelf space.  And a door.
 This is our closet.  Having a walk-in closet right off the bathroom is great.  Eventually, we want two tiers of hanging clothes on two walls, and some sort of storage shelves and drawers along the other wall.  I would love to eliminate one of the dressers in the bedroom and add a seating area!
This is the guest bedroom.  That's our old bed - it seems so small!  This is the only room that has a paint color that I like (and luckily, the camera makes it seem like the quilt matches - it actually clashes.  A lot). In the corner off to the right is the treadmill and a side table with our old small television.

This is the office.  It's a little bare. Except, of course, for Isaac's massive computer set up.  Eventually, we plan on putting our sleeper sofa in here, next to the little bookcase you see above ... if we can fit it up the stairs. That's a big if. 
This is the guest bath upstairs.  The shower curtain is temporary (it's actually more like a liner, which is why it's inside the tub), but for now, it's fun.  You can kind of see the big vase thing sitting beside the toilet that holds extra toilet paper (I stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love).
Downstairs now, starting at the front of the house.  This is, obviously, the dining room.  I am standing in front of the front door; it's to my right. The little black table actually belongs to my friend Adam, but while it has say by the front door waiting for him to pick it up, it has proven useful.  It might get replaced once Adam finally picks this one up.  Also, you can't really tell, but the table looks tiny in this room.  We definitely want a bigger table at some point.   The jute rug under the table was my second craigslist find - $50.  I have seem similar ones out there for $100-$150.  Woo!  The chest at the back of the room is my hope chest, a gift from my grandparents.  It will make its way upstairs, probably to the guest bedroom.  Isaac and I have been arguing discussing what will go in its place.  He wants a china cabinet, I want a pie safe.  A buffet would also be a good idea, I think.  I'll let you know who wins what we decide. (Beth Crouser, I just want you to know that I have stolen borrowed your tendency to use strike-through text.  It really comes in handy!)
This is the (really sparse) library.  Actually, it's supposed to be a formal living room, but I don't really want a formal living room.  So we're making it into a library.  Eventually, there will be built-in bookshelves along at least one wall.  There will be some sort of seating area (maybe club chairs?  or wingbacks?) with a writing/reading table.  And no litter box (that's what is in the left corner); that will be moved to the garage, as soon as Isaac puts a cat door in. (Side note: The little box thing in the bottom right-hand corner is a box of picture frames.  I can't believe you can see it - I moved it four times to try to get it out of the shot.  Shoot!)

This is the the view of the kitchen from the dining room.  It's small, but it seems to work well.  Both Isaac and I can be working and not bump into each other. The door on the right is the pantry, the oven is right beside that, and the dishwasher is right next to the fridge.  Eventually, we would like to replace all of the appliances.  They are all getting old.  The oven is off by 75 degrees, and the microwave, which hangs above the oven, actually sits too close to the oven surface (the house inspector actually told us to avoid using the back burners as much as possible).  Also, it doesn't have a turn table.  The fridge is fine ... except the ice maker doesn't work.  The only thing that works the way we want is really the dishwasher.  
This is our laundry closet.  I love love love our washer and dryer.  (Please ignore the messiness of the shelves above them. There is a reason you haven't seen any closets other than our master - they are all stuffed full, and most of them with unpacked boxes.  But I really wanted to show you our washer and dryer!).  To the right of the end of the counter is the door to the garage.  Oddly, it is a door that is half windows ... which seems strange, given that it looks out into the garage.  
The first thing I want you to notice is the grass drying rack on the sink.  Isaac thinks it's silly, but I love it! I also love the hanging fruit bowls, which Isaac also does not like.  Now, let's go further into the living room ... 
This is the view from the landing.  We bought a Rowe sectional a few weeks ago; it should come in the second week of December.  We haven't used the fireplace yet, but a few more of these cold nights, and I may have to start a little fire. (I had to ask someone how people got firewood - it never occurred to me that you could buy it in a store!) The door you see on the right is the half bath, and to the right of that is the hall that leads to the front of the house.  The door on the left leads to the back yard. 
Speaking of the back yard.  I somehow managed to not get a picture of the backyard facing away from the house, but this is a picture of the back of the house itself.  We believe the large hole in the deck originally held a hot tub; the previous owners used it as a tomato garden.  Eventually, we will tear out the entire upper level of the deck, so that Milano will have more room to run.  Other plans for the back yard: big bushes along one side of fence, so the big dogs that live there can no longer try to eat my little dog, taking out the dead tree, hiding the massive HVAC unit.  

Now to the font of the house.  This is the right side of the front porch.

 This is the left side.  No, the furniture doesn't match.  But you can't even see these from the front of the house (the bushes are too tall), so right now, it's not a priority.  Also, all of this furniture was free.  The wicker came from my parents, and the rockers were ... ahh ... let's just say we acquired them.  From the rental house we lived in last year. 

A view of the garage.  I have finally mastered backing out of our curvy driveway.  For the first few weeks, I would pull a 67-point turn (the driveway isn't really wide enough for a standard three-point turn) and pull out nose first.  I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. Also, in front of my car are the beautiful trash and recycling bins.  We plan on using the wood from the deck we tear up to build a platform on the side of the house for them. 
Wow, you're still reading?  Impressive.  Thanks for visiting - I promise will try to get up another post soon!


  1. Ashley, This is so cute. The house looks great. I hope you and Isaac are loving your new home. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Thank you for posting the photos..... finally!!lol
    I LOVE the house it looks great. I do agree with Isaac, I don't care for the grass drying rack either. (sorry)
    You have done a great job. Love and miss you@!

  3. I think it looks good guys. Tho there was no comment on the secondary use of the office as "World Command" or "THE WAR ROOM." I'll let this slide. I take it that the grass drying rack and the hanging fruit baskets are staying up since Isaac doesn't like them yet, they are still there. (hehehe for a price, there can be subterfuge Mr Isaac)The place looks great guys. I would add a firewood rack or something like that next to the fireplace to keep your trips outside to a minimum. I'm looking forward to seeing it in a month or so if thats still cool. Take care folks.

    P.S. Bout time for this!!!

  4. You know I had forgotten you had that table until I saw it here. I can pick it up, or you can keep using it. Your call :). Glad things are coming together at the house. See you soon.


  5. The really looks great! I sugguest you get a china closet & a pie safe, that would be a win-win situation. :)
    I'm really surprised how quickly you all got the house together, being so busy!
    Again..... looks really nice!!!

  6. Do you find it sad to know that I actually started writing a comment in my gmail so I could organize my thoughts as I was reading?

    1. I think we talked about this, but shouldn't it be "The Burnses at 1601"? Or is this blog just about you? ;)
    2. I am very jealous of your King bed. When I visit, I am going to sleep in it with you. Isaac can have the couch.
    3. Forget a bench for the foot of your bed; you should buy those animal stairs so the puppy can get up and down. They're very classy.
    4. I fully support you painting your dresser (someday). I love the way mine turned out!
    5. I think you should keep the border in the bathroom forever!
    6. I want double sinks!!
    7. And a walk in closet. I guess I have one of those... but not for clothes. So I suppose I want two walk-in closets. {How very first-world of me.}
    8. Love your jute rug!
    9. Yay for strikethrough text (and a shout out)!
    10. Your kitchen is not small. At least not comparably. :)
    11. I feel you on old appliances. My oven is off by 50 degrees -- I won't know how to cook in a normal one someday!
    12. I love your little "tomato garden" hole in the back yard. You should totally plant a small garden there in the spring.
    13. Now to the {front} of the house.
    14. Lol. You stole the rockers....
    15. I'm impressed -- everything looks so put together (you just moved in!!). Great job. Look forward to many many posts in the future. Maybe you'll be the next YHL!


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