25 November 2010

A Burns and Wise Thanksgiving

A little tale of Thanksgiving dinner ... let's start with the end product.  It's the prettiest.

The table ...

The dinner ... 

 (Starting from the back, that's turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole and baked corn.  Yum!)

And the dessert ...

Now, what it took to get there.  Not so pretty.

The first crisis of the day was a still-frozen bird.  So he (or she) took a bath!

He (or she) bathed for an hour or so, then into the oven!  Then someone decided it would be a good idea for me to carve it.  Ha!  This was the result.
Not very pretty.  Also not pretty ...
Just kidding, sweetheart!  But I think he just about went crazy peeling all those potatoes.  Did you see the huge mound of them above? Crazy!

Then the stuffing.  My mom told me she got the instructions for my grandmother's, and then every question I asked her (examples: How much water?  How small do we chop the onions? How long do we cook it?), her response was "Ummm ... she didn't say."  What did she tell you, Mom?  That the recipe called for bread?
Speaking of chopping onions, here was the second crisis of the day ...
I made it small to lessen the grossness, but the cut on my middle finger still hasn't closed.  Ouch.  But this helped:

And some of you may have seen the cake disaster from yesterday:

I promise, that's the biggest mixing bowl I have.  I will have a bigger one soon. 

And this was what Dad and Milano did through all the crises ...

... just kidding (Dad spray painted our outdoor furniture white this morning. Thanks, Dad!).  But when he found out we took this, he claimed that the only time we ever take pictures of him is when he's sleeping.  It's pretty much true.

And, just for good measure, a few gratuitous puppy pictures.  Because the internet doesn't have nearly enough Milano (and she was especially cute today)!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Now, to enjoy some of that pumpkin spice cake ...

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  1. Looks like a great spread kids. Glad you all had a good first Thanksgiving. Hopefully there will be many more to come.


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